I'm so pleased to announce our fifth featured artist for the Blurb Book Page of the Month. John Farnan presents beautiful, unique views of New York City in his project, "Impressions of NYC." You can take a look at a sample spread from John's book.

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Book Page of the Month

Jan. 2011 Featured Book - John Farnan, "Impressions of NYC"

"This book came about for a few reasons," writes John Farnan, "firstly my love of the City and its architecture. Secondly, I wanted to put a different slant on it -- something not covered previously -- and this book with different colours and views encompasses my view on NYC. Thirdly, I wanted to break down the city itself into landmarks and the life that rushes through it. These images will be inside the book showing NYC both fully alive, and asleep as you see on the front cover."

John Farnan - Impressions of NYC "Impressions of NYC" by John Farnan. Click on image for larger version.

And What Does John Receive for His Efforts?

John Farnan will receive a $75 Blurb certificate to use toward her book project. He will also get a copy of How to Make a Gorgeous Photo Book ($34 value).

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