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Something Rare – Something Cool!
A lot of times I photograph weddings and events with an assistant or second shooter, someone I’m training or a newer photographer wanting some tips. Well my buddy, Matt just happens to be one of my “Padawan learners” and the poor guy had his camera stolen from the beach in Lewes. It just so happened that we were photographing a wedding a week prior and I needed his camera card with the images on it. I did not want to leave him without a card, just in case he wanted to so some shooting on his own, and so I gave him one of my compact flash cards.
Anyway, his camera was found by a guy and his son at a skate park not to far away, and because my camera cards are all labeled with my name and number they were able to contact me and let me know they had found it.
What is rare about this is that most people would have kept a $700 camera and not thought twice, but this gentleman was super cool and called wanting to return it. He mentioned that he would not have been able to do so if my camera card wasn’t labeled with my name and number. I had picked up that little tip from the Digital Story Show, and with his podcast “Inside Pro Tips”
Thank you “good Samaritan”
And thank you Derrick Story!


That's an awesome story. Thanks so much for sharing it. I've discovered that many times people will go out of their way to help others if they just know who to contact. Once again, your experience proves this true!

Hi Derrick:

Was a student at your Aperture 2 (err 3) Workshop this week. Loved it and learned a bunch. Anyway, just saw that you are holding a workshop in June in Sonoma during the Hot Air Balloon event. Would love to attend but it sounds like it is full. If there is a waiting list, could you add me to it?


Best Regards,

Gary Angelo

I really enjoyed your article in the Feb, 2010 issue of MacWorld. I have done what you suggested for my photos as a referenced library on an external hard drive. One question - it appears that I have to delete the thumbnail from the library as well as delete the photo itself from my hard drive, is this true?


As a participant in your very first TDS Workshop, I can highly recommend your workshop to fellow TDS listeners. I found the experience to be even more fun and instructive that your podcast review indicated.

I look forward to attending some day.


Can I please be put on your waiting list for the next available TDS Workshop? Also, do you yet know when/where/etc it will be? Thanks.

I'm a GearHead and love the gear review section.
How about a review on a UPS system. Thunderstorms make my dog and I very nervous.

Hi Derrick,
I really enjoyed your podcast about Color Management Made Really Easy. Could you please share what printer you are using? I think that is my problem, but I'm just not sure.

Thanks much,

Hi Derrick, I would really like to enter one of my favorite photos into the the December assignment. My photo was not taken after the assignment was announced but is one from the recent past. Do you allow this ? Have a Merry Christmas Derrick - jimmy

Hi Derrick
I would be interested in your thoughts on the GoPro series of cameras, subject for podcast?

Derrick... I'm looking for information on any upcoming workshops TDS is staging. Thanks!

Hi Derrick,
When is your next workshop on Aperture 3?

What is the date of the workshop-where you take the class over
to the coast to take pics?

I follow all of your podcasts, posts, etc.
You are so helpful. I am watching now for a couple of reviews that you
will be doing. Epson printer, Canon small flash, and a Canon fisheye lens.

Gerri Francis

Hi Derrick,
Could you give me the dates of upcoming workshops.
I am interested in an Aperture class and the workshop that will shoot on the coast.

Also, I am ordering the IPad II. This will be my first.
Would you get the 3G? I am interested in the GPS as I do not have one in my car. Are there apps that can handle this? What is your advice. It seems, at
most, I would only need the 3G a few minutes at a time--but, to pay the monthly rate for that few minutes-a bit absurd.
Your thoughts, I value. Thanks

Hello David- Do you have a location for the Oct 15-16 2011 Aperture workshop yet. Please advise as I would like to attend. Your pocast is my Favorite except for the intro!! and I always look forward for the next one. You have a unique way of reaching all levels of photographers.


Dan Catalano
(818) 955--7411

Hi Derrick
I'm interested in your Nov 12 13 workshop. can you send me info where the workshop is.
514 962 4275

Can you send the Nov 12-13 workshop info please! thanks

When do you need a deposit for the Nov Aperature workshop?

Hi Derrick,
I am interested in the November Aperture workshop. Could you send details?


Do you ever hold Aperture workshops in NYC? If not, is there anyone here in the city that you recommend? I have taken classes at ICP, but have found that instructors there are wedded to Lightroom.

What a great story! I do off-site shoots often and I leave my camera alone to my shagrin! I should put my name on my camera. This is my next to! Thanks


Arghhh!!! Technology sucks!!!

Hi Derrick. I've been listening to your podcast for years. I thought I'd share this with you and the rest of the camera club members. I could really use some advice.

My old Pentax K10d camera started failing and went in for repair. The quote came back as $371.00 to fix it. Pentax offered me an exchange deal, and knocked almost 300.00 off the street selling price of a new K-5 in exchange for my old broken K10d. Thank you Pentax. The K10d has some significant design issues and limitations, and I had been looking at the K-5 for some time now, but I had not been able to afford it. The deal got my attention and I squeezed my pennies and purchased the camera. I got my new K-5 on Wednesday. It is a great little camera, with lots of great features and good specifications. I'm already loving it... and hating it.

It seems my current work-flow is no longer compatible and not upgradeable to the new camera. After shooting my first 12GB of photos, I decided to unload the SD cards. My old work-flow was to download the Raw files to a very basic XP PC for first level storage, burn them to DVD, and import the photos from the DVD to a mirrored terabyte drive on my Macintosh Power-Mac G5 with i-Photo 09. I catalogue and process all my photos in i-Photo. It has always worked very well for me at my level of photography expertise, ability and budget level. All went well when I loaded the new PEF files into the PC and burned them to DVD, but when I imported them to the Macintosh, the K-5 Raw files were not recognized. I-Photo 09 does not recognize the K-5 Raw format. Upon some rudimentary examination of the various upgrade paths, I find that the Macintosh will not recognize the files unless I upgrade the i-Photo software, and this means upgrading my hardware to a Power Mac. This, I cannot afford to do at all... It seems that right now, I have a great camera, and no way of cataloguing and working on my Raw format photos.

I loved film. No software glitches. Film was a standard and well understood. Technology sorts of issues were never a problem in the film days. I don't think I'll be worrying about how to look at my old negatives and prints in 20 years from now. I believe that there will be technology available at that time to still produce output for that format. Scanners and printers are likely to stay around. With digital technology, you need always be worried that documented history and art will be lost in a change of technology. Today I am venting, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Alfred Deisinger,
Budget strapped amateur photographer

Hello Derrick and fellow TDS followers,

I have been listening to your podcasts for a couple of years and thought I might share a personal project with other TDSers.

A couple of years ago, I started grabbing photos of neighborhood birds. At first it was a casual shot here and there. But, as I got better shots, it turned that activity into a formal project, with the goal of capturing good images of as many of our local birds as possible. I then post them on my on-line gallery.

Recently I posted a link to the site on our neighborhood newsletter. It was apparently very popular with my neighbors. From about 100 newsletter subscribers I got 3000 hits on the site and many favorable comments.

Just thought I would share this idea with the TDS family in case others are looking for a fun photo project.


I loved an article you wrote about how to create a watermark and apply it in aperture. I would be very interested in more aperture lessons.... ???

Thank you, Joanna

Derrick, I'm excited about the prospect of a solid state drive speeding up my 2010 MBP 17". The problem at this point is I have a 500gb internal spinning drive and it's pretty full, so don't want to downsize. And it's currently too expensive to buy a big SSD.

I am interested in what you alluded to in your recent podcast, keeping the masters on an external drive while maintaining only the previews, etc., on the SSD.

Before I sign back on to to review your course in Aperture 3, can you remind me if you address how I might accomplish this? I really am tired of the spinning beachball in Aperture 3! Thanks.


Some time ago, you recommended the iPad app Minimal Folio as a simple album or folio. Indeed is is well done and very simple. I agree with your recommendation. ait is even better on my iPad 3. However I have been wanting a little more variety than just one photo per page. I just downloaded Diptic. It is free but for other than square formats, you will want the .99 in app purchase. As the name implies, you can create pages with multiple images per page in several arrangements. Very simple to use. Saves to multiple places including the camera roll in hi res. Thatmakes it simple to have multi image pages in Minimal Folio. I have been using Paper by 43 for title pages with an artistic flare. I have nothing to do with any of these apps. Just being helpful.

Thanks so much for the recommendation. It's on my list too...

Just found out about your show, so refreshing to hear someone talk about Pentax gear for a change!

I've been shooting with a Pentax of one kind or another for more than 40 years. How nice to get a Pro's estimation of current offerings (your recent show review of the K-30).

I'm looking to upgrade from a K-x, and was really looking at a K5. And hoping the price drops on the old version with the Photokina announcement of the new K5 II, and K5 IIS.

How do you feel your K5 stacks up against the K30, and the new Pentax K5 upgrades? Is it worth waiting for a price drop in the new K5 II's, or just go for a sub 800 dollar K5?

Thanks, love the show!

HI Derrick, Do you have dates yet for the April iPad workshop?