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"Thoughts from 5 Conservation Photographers" - Digital Photography Podcast 560

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New lynda Title - Photos for macOS

The latest version of Photos that shipped with macOS Sierra is the iceberg of imaging applications: simple elegance above the waterline, and a heavyweight beneath it. And if you join me for Photos for macOS Essential Training, I'll take you on a deep dive to explore its many wonders.


And now that we have robust editing extensions, such as Luminar, wireless file transfer using Cascable, and seamless iCloud connectivity for sharing our images across all devices, Photos has evolved into an essential app, especially for mobile photographers.

Here's the introduction movie to give you an overview of the course.

Set aside some time to learn how you can incorporate Photos for macOS in to your photography life.

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This is The Digital Story Podcast #560, November 29, 2016. Today's theme is "Thoughts from 5 Conservation Photographers." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

On November 15 and 16, I spent two days in the company of some of the best conservation photographers in the world. During that time, I photographed them, recored segments from their talks, and even sat down for an interview at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington D.C. And today I'm going to share highlights from those two days with you, so you too can be a part of this amazing conference called WildSpeak 2016.

This show is supported in part by MindShift Gear, who proudly sponsors the iLCP in their mission to protect our planet and it's resources through photography.

Additional funding was contributed by Red River Paper, who supports The Digital Story from California to the East Coast, and everywhere in between.

And a special thanks to members of our Inner Circle, who have pledged through Patreon, enabling me to bring shows like this to all of our listeners.


Thoughts from 5 Conservation Photographers

Today's show features thoughts from seven important conservation photographers: Amy Gulick, Chris Linder, Daniel Beltra, Sandesh Kadur, and Robin Moore. Audio and interview were recorded at WildSpeak 2016 at the Carnegie Science Center in Washington D.C. I hope you enjoy the show.

See you next week!

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